Tumeric (Curcumin) & Two Other Spices Found To Help Stop Cancer-Causing Compounds (HCA’s) Produced By Cooking Beef

Here is a story from last week’s Health News. The topic: Some Spices Cut Cancer Risk That Comes With Grilled Burgers

THURSDAY, May 20 (HealthDay News) –Researchers report that adding certain spices to your burgers before tossing them on the grill this summer will not only add to the flavor of the meat, but they can also cut the risk of cancer long associated with the cooking of beef.

Guidelines For Helping Chronically Ill Cancer Patients Maintain Weight

Maintaining weight can be a constant challenge for some cancer patients. I read and review articles about nutrition for chronically ill cancer patients often. Most are so basic they aren’t worth forwarding. This short post by Susan Sisk, listing specific nutritional componants a cancer patient trying to maintain weight should understand, is worth noting. Here is that list from Hubpages.com:

Types of Stomach Cancer: Lymphoma

A friend of mine was asking me about stomach cancer today. Apparently, one of her co-worker’s husband was diagnosed this week with a type of lymphoma near his stomach. These are cancers of immune system tissue in the stomach wall. Some lymphomas are aggressive, whereas others grow much more slowly. The latter, known medically as mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphomas, usually stem from H. pylori infection and are often curable when found in the early stages. The family doesn’t have enough information at this point to know what type of lymphoma this is. You can click on the stomach cancer link on the right side of this site for more information. Mayo clinic also offers a good, basic overview of stomach cancer and treatment. That is where I did my reading today. I will keep you updated if and when I get more information.
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