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My expertise is blood cancer, specifically multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer).  But I follow therapy innovation for other blood cancers, too; often the same drugs–sometimes in a different combination or with a tweak here or there–work for myeloma, too.

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High cost of drugs

Easy to follow explanation for why drug prices are so high in United States as compared to other countries.  Here are several excerpts from this important Medscape Today article:

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60 Minutes

Monday I wrote an important post about a 60 Minutes report that focused on the unreasonably high cost of chemotherapy drugs.  Here’s the link:

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I saved a link to a fascinating Bloomberg article from earlier this month about a backlash against rising drug prices.  Here’s an excerpt:

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I found this interesting; complex, but interesting:

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Anna Edney’s Washington Post article about the high cost of cancer drugs doesn’t have anything to do with the sequester.  This is an ongoing challenge for many of us:

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