More About Living & Dying With Cancer

I wrote the following post about my mother-in-law and her family last evening. I had decided not to run it. The content is personal, raw and a bit bitter. But I think it is instructional as well. If we could all just take a moment every day or week or month and visit with a cancer patient in need. That might just be the greatest gift (next to a cure, of course!) we could give them:

Watch For A More Focused Approach

When Pattie and I started www.HelpWithCancer.Org, our original intent was to achieve two goals: First, help give readers a general overview of different cancers and treatment options. But second and more importantly, we wanted to help cancer patients and their families live better lives by sharing important insights about nutrition, medical care, insurance, financial aid and spirituality which were relevant to our readers. In other words, to concentrate on providing information to help improve a cancer patient’s quality of life. Over the past year we feel like our site has done just that. But there is always room for improvement! We have both received a number of similar requests and suggestions recently to include more tips about how to live a better life with cancer. So we will try and include more information specifically for cancer patients as they struggle with their new normal–living life after a cancer diagnosis.
Feel good and keep smiling everyone! Pat & Pattie