Radical Lung Cancer Therapy Studied

Do you remember seeing or hearing about a story earlier in the year, featured on 60 Minutes, about an “almost too good to be true” radio wave therapy for treating cancer? Well, fact can be stranger than fiction! Here is a related therapy idea that seems to have potential in reducing the size of some types of lung cancer tumors: Radio Frequency Lung Cancer Therapy. A special thank you to CancerNews.Com for posting this detailed, in-depth study. I lost my mother to lung cancer when I was in college. I can still remember watching, with odd fascination, her biopsy as it was being performed on a large hospital monitor. Radiation helped, but 18 months later she was dead. Since my parents were divorced, I left school at the University of Wisconsin for two years to help her and take care of our pets, home and later her estate. The thought of using a radio probe to fight visible lung cancer tumors brings back surreal memories of watching that monitor during my early twenties. One of the many reasons my wife and I have dedicated our lives to helping other cancer patients and their families.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat