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Last month, writer Suzy Cohen wrote an insightful article: 3 herbal supplements with anti-cancer properties.  It’s based on a question about pancreatic cancer, but I believe the tips have a much broader application.  Here’s an excerpt:

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willow bark

I found this Suzy Cohen’s Newsday article about natural alternatives to manufactured drugs helpful:

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I saved this article from last month, touting the benefits of  vitamin B3:

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Dr. Abrams

I just completed a series of posts I wrote about an informative and fascinating on-air discussion I hosted two weeks ago with cancer nutritional expert, Dr. Donald Abrams.

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There has been a flood of news articles condemning taking vitamins as a waste of time and money:

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Breast cancer

Breast cancer is always in the news.  Here’s a pair of links from a website called, touting supplements as a way to prevent it.  See what you think:

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Check out this recent article I read in the Fall edition of Cure Magazine, giving a thumbs up to a supplement called Pomi-T.  A pomegranate abstract, Pom-T also contains green tea (not good for Velcade users 24 hours each side of an infusion), turmeric (curcumin) and broccoli.

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A fellow multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) patient sent me this email today:

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red wine

The mysterious cancer fighting effect of resveratrol isn’t exactly new news.  But using the compound to soften up cancer cells before they’re zapped with radiation is.  The L.A. Times ran a feature article about it yesterday.  Here’s an excerpt:

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Antioxidants dangerous?  Some can be if you take too much.  Or if cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy use them and it helps cancer cells to recover from treatment.

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supplement capsules

I’m not a big acronym fan.  At the very least I try and spell-out the phrase at hand before I start using one.  So needless to say I didn’t realize the complimentary medicine had one!

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fish oil

I want to reassure you that I’m not obsessed with prostate cancer!  There just happens to be a lot of conflicting news about supplement use either preventing or increasing the risk of developing it these days.

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Sanjay Gupta

Here is an excerpt from a timely article I discovered on a reputable website,

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Here’s a six minute clip of Clinical nutritionist Cara Anselmo of Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center, speaking to a group in New York City: