Why TV personality Robin Roberts’ MDS diagnosis is such a big deal…

According to the bone marrow/stem cell transplant site, Marrow.org, ” melodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are a group of diseases that affect the bone marrow and blood. Some types of MDS are mild and easily managed, while other types are severe and life-threatening. Mild MDS can grow more severe over time. It can also develop into a fast-growing, severe leukemia called acute myelogenous leukemia.”

Battle Between Leukemia Drugs About To Begin

OncologySTAT.com featured this Pink Sheet Daily article a few weeks ago.  The fact there are several good, front-line chemo drugs for use against chronic myeloid leukemia is good news, but not the story here.  This is a business story–a battle between drugs and drug companies.  Read the first part of the article and see what you think:
Bristol’s Once-daily Sprycel Faces Off Against Novartis’ Tasigna After Clearance in First-line Leukemia

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