Dogs, Cats and Cancer

One of our many cats was diagnosed with cancer this week. We have always had a lot of rescued animals. I am president of our county humane society and Pattie has never met a homeless animal she didn’t want to save. Still, our grey cat Blarney has been with us ever since we rescued him, cold and shivering, from under a neighbor’s porch fifteen years ago. We have lost a number of furry family members over the years to cancer. Pattie was diagnosed with cervical and uterine cancer at age 34 and needed surgery, so we never had children. Our animals have always been our kids. So for us, it can be as difficult to lose one as a human friend or family member. Blarney’s prognosis is good. The growth on his neck was removed surgically and he should be with us for some time to come. Just another reminder of how finite and fragile our lives really are.
Feel good and keep smiling! Pat