How safe are artificial sweeteners?  I read another article on the subject today.  So many questions from cancer survivors about it.

Links to three posts I’ve done on the subject in the past should help shed light on the controversial topic:

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If sugar feeds cancer–and artificial sweeteners aren’t good for us either–what can we do?

Trying to get by without something sweet in our lives is unrealistic.  And most “safe” alternatives are expensive, hard to work with and–let’s be honest–aren’t very good.

So substitute healthy alternatives when you can.  But I suggest cutting back on both.  Instead of two Diet Cokes a day, cut back to one.  Exhibit a bit of self control and have two cookies instead of three.

Pick small, winnable battles.  Save some energy for the next challenge: moderating out sodium intake.

Which makes my point.  From a nutritional standpoint, so many different foods and beverages have something wrong with them, it would be difficult to live a normal life (tough enough for those of us fighting cancer) if we eliminated all of them from our diet.

I say, eat some fun stuff once in a while.  Make healthy choices; then enjoy!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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