I’ve been seeing this news all over the internet.  I’m concerned that the study size was too small (18), and the model and executions were flawed.  Still, the premise makes perfect sense:

Breast Cancer Patients Who Receive Nutrition Educations Can Reduce Cancer Recurrence Rates

January 8, 2015 – Anna De Barros, PhD – Breast Cancer News.com

Nutritional FactsResearchers from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, have offered breast cancer patients nutrition education, showing this measure not only benefits patients overall health, but can also prevent breast cancer reoccurrence.

The study, titled “Nutrition Education Intervention for Women with Breast Cancer: Effect on Nutritional Factors and Oxidative Stress”, published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, followed 18 patients who received nutrition education (intervention group) and compared the outcomes with 75 patients who did not (control group).

For one year, the subjects in the intervention group received complete nutritional education, registered their food habits and were given appropriate suggestions for nutritional improvement. Furthermore, patients in this group joined meetings and were given a monthly report to enhance their nutrition knowledge.

The main objective of the study was to promote the reduction of red and processed meat consumption while increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

There have been studies suggesting that these types of food can have detrimental effects on cancer patients, while the antioxidants present in vegetables and fruits can help alleviate the side effects associated with chemotherapy treatment, thus lowering the risk of cancer reoccurrence.

“Although the sample size was small and data were collected at different times, this study provides evidence that women undergoing breast cancer treatment might benefit from immediate, individualized and detailed nutrition monitoring,” study lead author Cecilia C. Schiavon, MsC, said in a news release.

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The moral?  Eat well; what could it hurt?

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat


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