As usual, my cancer-related tweets this weekend were dominated by fundraising news; walks, runs, dances, silent auctions, celebrity appearances.  I also use Google Alerts to help keep me up-to-speed.  “Cancer research” category is also dominated by fundraising news.  Which got me thinking:  Who’s responsibility is it to help cure cancer?

NCI logoI understand that government can’t be expected to do everything–and that many feel big government inefficiencies make it the wrong way to try and deal with things like this.  But cutting the National Cancer Institute (NCI) budget is a big mistake.

The challenge of relying on the private sector to help fight cancer?  The effort is disjointed and rudderless.  Government funded programs may not be efficient, but privately funded programs face serious challenges as well.  Who’s coordinating things?  Making sure that research isn’t unnecessarily duplicated?  And who makes the unpopular choices?  Breast cancer would get the bulk of attention and funding, leaving other cancers to fight over the scraps.  That’s a good system?

Restore NCI funding.  Heck, double it!  Then private efforts can help fill in the blanks.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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