I interviewed an oncologist that specializes in the use of medical marijuana last evening.  The Cure Talk broadcast featured Dr. Donald Abrams.

I ran a follow up post about it on my daily blog, MultipleMyelomaBlog.com.  Here’s the link:

Dr. Donald Abrams: “Cannabis does not cure cancer.”

Don’t let the disappointing headline fool you.  Dr. Abrams can rattle off a dozen good reasons why marijuana may be a good option for cancer patients; nausea relief, improved appetite, overcoming insomnia and opioid free pain relief top the list.

MJI’m not a user, but maybe I should be.  Marijuana isn’t legal in Florida.  Still, I have trouble thinking they’re going to handcuff and arrest a cancer patient on chemo for possessing a little pot.  Honestly, I wouldn’t know where to start.  One advantage Colorado (and the 19 other states where medical use of cannabis is legal) have.  Some semblance of quality control–and no handcuffs.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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