Did you catch the story about how fruit flies may hold the key to a cure for cancer?  It’s all about individualized medicine.  By growing tumors in fruit flies that are genetically identical to the patient’s, researchers can then test all currently available drugs ahead of time, identifying combinations that no one could ever hope to anticipate.

It’s a hopeful story.  Here’s an excerpt:

CBSUsing the flies, they then test thousands of drug combinations until they find a cocktail that works. 

“This has been called ‘revolutionary’ — what’s revolutionary about it?” asked Spencer.

“What’s different is, we’re obsessing over how to make the model,” said Cagan. “We make the model as close to Mark as we can, and then we don’t have any bias on what drug we throw on it. We take a large set of FDA-approved drugs — they’re not even all cancer drugs — and we throw them all at the fly. We don’t really care what’s driving the tumor; we just care what stops it.”

And here’s a link to video and the rest of the story:


I’m aware that other researchers are attempting to do the same thing in petri dishes and mice.  Not sure how this can ever be done for everyone diagnosed with cancer, but this report is certainly encouraging.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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