The mysterious cancer fighting effect of resveratrol isn’t exactly new news.  But using the compound to soften up cancer cells before they’re zapped with radiation is.  The L.A. Times ran a feature article about it yesterday.  Here’s an excerpt:

Red wine compound helps kill off cancer cells, new study finds

A new study is touting the cancer-fighting benefits of a compound found in red wine — but it’s not exactly a license to drink.

Dr. Michael Nicholl, an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Missouri, is exploring new ways to use the compound resveratrol to make radiation treatment more effective at killing cancer cells.

When high doses of resveratrol are combined with radiation treatment, the one-two punch has a potent synergistic effect, and “we thought that was pretty exciting,” Nicholl told The Times on Monday…

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red wineThe bottom line; researchers haven’t identified ideal dosing yet.  When–and in what amount–provides the optimum anti-cancer kick is far from clear.  Unfortunately, the same holds true for most supplements.  And since drug companies have little incentive to pay for studies…

You get the idea.

Even so, progress is being made.  In the meantime, keep eating well–and adding a glass of red wine with lunch or dinner might not hurt.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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