I wanted to pass along news about an exciting new website, Kairoslife.com.  My contact there, Mark, emailed me to explain how it works:


Several people have recommended your site and thought you might be able to help. We have a site that caters to survivors. It allows them to store digital memories and then release them to their kids in the future.

Our founder recently lost a close friend who passed suddenly without warning and was again reminded of how quickly life can be taken away, at any age. He woke up one night with the idea of this site. He is a father of three and was thinking about the memories we want to keep forever – and how could they be stored, kept for the future, and delivered at just the right moment to have the greatest impact. 

We are still in the “testing” phase and wanted to see if your readers would like to participate and get a complimentary membership.

We would appreciate if you could do a blog post and/or social media mention, informing them they can visit www.kairoslife.com to register their email address.

From there we will update them when we are ready to start testing the site. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Mark Hollingsworth Community Relations Director KairosLife.com [email protected]

I responded favorably, asking Mark for more information.  Here is what he passed along:

Twitter/Facebook: “Get a complimentary membership to this new digital memories time capsule site by helping them beta test. Learn more at www.kairoslife.com

Blog Post/Web Post: “KairosLife.com is a place for families to save digital memories and heirlooms for kids and loved ones. Then digitally deliver those keepsakes to them at a predetermined date in the future, kind of like a digital time capsule or gift. 

How does it work?

  1. cancer patientUpload photos, videos or letters from your PC or mobile device to a “KairosMoment” which is the album or capsule that will be delivered to your loved one on a future date.
  2. Tag your loved ones to that KairosMoment and set a reveal date when it will be delivered.
  3. As the reveal date approaches, if desired, other family members and friends can share their thoughts on that KairosMoment to add to the memories for that loved one.
  4. Then on the reveal date, the loved one will get an email notifying them of a KairosMoment that has been unlocked.

We are still polishing up the site and are giving complimentary memberships to people who can help us. Just visit www.KairosLife.com and enter your email address.

Is this the “next big thing?”  Regardless, sounds like a good way to make sure that we don’t forget to remember our loved ones on the right day and time.  I can see several helpful applications for cancer patients and their families.  I will keep you updated and let you know when they launch.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat


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