I usually post celebrity cancer news on CancerNews.US.  But I felt making an exception this time would be OK.  Steve Garvey a big name with what seems to be a big heart, too…

Steve Garvey battling prostate cancer, looking to bring awareness to disease

By | Big League Stew – Sat, Feb 23, 2013

On the heels of his own prostate cancer diagnosis, former Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padresfirst baseman Steve Garvey is already determined to turn a negative into a positive for others battling the same disease.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Garvey said that his prostate was removed at UCLA Medical Center in October after his cancer was diagnosed the previous month and that he now hopes to devote a considerable amount of his time to prostate cancer awareness.

“I was thrown a pretty good curveball by God,” Garvey told The Times’ Dylan Hernandez. “I felt I was being challenged to work for prostate awareness for men and the women who love them.”

Garvey has officially answered that challenge by putting several personal baseball items and memorabilia — including his 1974 National League Most Valuable Player Award and his 1981 World Series Championship ring — up for bid through SCP Auctions, with 70% of the proceeds going toward prostate cancer awareness.

Eric Stephen over at True Blue LA has the complete list of items Garvey will auctioning. All will be available for bidding until April 10.

“I have been blessed to win a number of awards and be involved in numerous historical baseball moments over my 20-year career with the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres,” said Garvey. “I feel it’s time to share several pieces of history with those fans who inspired me to those wonderful achievements.”

Truly a great gesture on Garvey’s behalf, and one that we hope will lead to great rewards for prostate cancer research and awareness.

Well written, Mark!  Any cancer diagnosis is scary, and prostate cancer takes thousands of lives in the U.S. each year.  But statistically, it is one of the easiest cancers to treat and control.  Not necessarily cure.  But most of us know one or more prostate cancer survivor that has lived decades following their diagnosis.  Doesn’t make it any easier for a guy to unexpectedly hear, “You have cancer.”

Best of luck, Mr. Garvey!  And thanks for taking the time to help others.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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  1. Pat, did you see where Carman, the Christian singer, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma? His Facebook post was very dramatic about his life expectancy. He doesn’t even have his BMB results!

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