More mixed messages about vitamin and supplement use.  Here is some good news for guys I found on an ABC News site:

Multivitamins Cut Cancer Risk in Men, Study Finds

It’s a decision that millions of Americans face every morning: to take, or not to take, that multivitamin. Now, a new study of almost 15,000 men over 50 suggests popping that daily supplement could cut cancer rates by 8 percent.

The study is good news for some Americans, who spend billions of dollars each year on the assumption that taking a daily multivitamin will help prevent disease.

“Despite the lack of definitive trial data regarding the benefits of multivitamins in the prevention of chronic disease, including cancer, many men and women take them for precisely this reason,” said Dr. Michael Gaziano, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and lead author of the study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association. “Our study shows a modest but significant benefit in cancer prevention.”

It’s unclear whether the results apply to women or men under 50…

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Taking a multivitamin each day.  What could it hurt?

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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