Nutrition guru, Dr. Joseph Mercola, recently ran a list of cancer killing foods/supplements on his website.  Take a look:

FOODS that Cause Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct

What if there were natural agents that induced cancer cell suicide, without the side effects of DCA? As it turns out, these agents DO exist—and you may already have some in your kitchen pantry or supplement cabinet. Here are a few21:

  • Co-Q10/Ubiquinol
  • Curcumin (the active agent in the spice turmeric)
  • Capsaicin (the compound that makes hot peppers hot)
  • Se-methylselenocysteine aka methylselenocysteine (found in garlic and broccoli)
  • Ellagic acid (from pomegranates and other fruits)

There are many all-natural cancer-prevention strategies, and research shows they may cut your risk in half. Consequently, by implementing multiple strategies, you can radically lower your risk of cancer as well as other chronic diseases.

Dr. Mercola championed a healthy lifestyle, long before it was “in.”  But I must admit his long, informative posts can be self serving, since he sells many of the supplements and exercise programs that he champions.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t right–or that the products he sells aren’t beneficial.  I’m not a “follower” or Mercola convert.  But he does make some good points.

This particular post starts-out by focusing on a controversial cancer “cure,” DCA (dichloroacetate).

CLICK HERE to read this long, rambling post–and view an interview clip about DCA on Glen Beck’s TV show.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat



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