Here I go again; breaking Pat’s rule against posting celebrity-related cancer news on this site.

But I admire Kathy Bates.  I’m inspired by her successful battle against Ovarian cancer (Like me!).  Breast cancer also tends to be hormonal, so the link doesn’t surprise me.

Read excerpts from yesterday’s Huffington Post:

Kathy Bates Undergoes Double Mastectomy For Breast Cancer

Actress Kathy Bates has undergone a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer, People magazine reported.

“After much consideration, I underwent a double mastectomy,” Bates, 64, told People. “Luckily, I don’t have to undergo radiation or chemo. My family call me Kat because I always land on my feet and thankfully this is no exception.”

Bates also battled ovarian cancer nine years ago, according to the magazine.

Mastectomy is breast-removal surgery; it can either be done as a preventive measure (for people who have a high risk of developing breast cancer) or as a treatment for people already diagnosed with the disease, like Bates, according to the National Institutes of Health…

Here is a LINK to the article if you would like to read about different types of mastectomies.

Pat and I wish her the best!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pattie

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