Last weekend I attended a cancer support group training conference.  The leader of the conference and International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) President, Dr. Brian Durie, is fast becoming a nutritional convert.

Let me explain.  Like many hematologists/oncologists, Dr. Durie had concluded that blood and bone marrow cancers had few, if any, nutritional components.  In other words, they were neither caused by, or can their onset be slowed by changing how or what we eat.  Here is a link to a recent post Dr. Durie wrote about all of this on the IMF website.  It sounds like the good doctor has started to sing a different tune!


Dr. Durie’s new-found commitment to better nutrition was highlighted at last weekend’s conference.  The food was unusually healthy–and he insisted that the meetings be a “soda-free zone.”

Yep.  No Coke or Pepsi–diet or regular–were allowed.   Since I don’t drink coffee, I would have killed for a Diet Coke or two as a pick-me-up.  But when I asked for one, I was rebuffed by staff members.

Honorable, except for the fact that on Saturday, our boxed lunches included potato chips and a large chocolate chip cookie!

A perfect example of how difficult it can be to make a nutritional conversion– and stick-with-it!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat