I just completed writing a four part series of articles about nutritional supplements on my daily site, MultipleMyelomaBlog.com.

Although much of it pertains specifically to myeloma patients, the fact so much of the information is about supplements to avoid–or to use–while undergoing chemotherapy makes it a must read for any cancer patient who is going through chemo.

Here are the four links:

Alpha lipoic acid not good for myeloma patients

Be careful what you eat and drink while taking Velcade

Growing list of supplements that myeloma patients should avoid

Supplements that enhance Velcade’s performance

The takeaway message for any cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy:

Beware use of concentrated antioxidant supplements!  They may help your body recover faster–but they also help damaged cancer cells recover, too.

Feel good, keep smiling and good luck with your therapy!  Pat


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