Here is a short excerpt from Catherine’s Huffington Post article:

Breast Cancer Risk Might Be Tied To Breast Size, Study Says

Catherine Pearson

…After comparing the women’s genetic data with information they provided about their bra size, researchers identified seven SNPs as “significantly associated” with breast size, three of which have been previously linked to breast cancer risk.

The findings suggest that a woman’s cup size and her risk for developing breast cancer could be connected. However, even the researchers are quick to admit that the connection should be regarded as preliminary at best.

“It’s fair to say that the link is a bit uncertain, and based on current knowledge, it’s not a strong risk factor,” said Eriksson. He suggested that one possible, albeit oversimplified, explanation for the findings could be that larger breast size means more cells that could become cancerous.

But, he added, “part of the complication is that obesity also plays a complicated part in breast cancer risk…”

Here’s a LINK so you can read the entire article.

Seems like common sense to me.  Is this really news, and if so, what is it?  More high risk factors to scare women that probably will never get breast cancer?  Is this even news if it ISN’T BREAST  CANCER?

So many other cancers that need research funding.  They involve many more patients, survivors and deaths.  Yet breast cancer continues to lead the PR pack.  Good PR.  I get it.  But isn’t it all about the breasts?

Skin cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer.  Nothing “glamorous there!  But many more patients, survivors and deaths.

I’m just saying…

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat



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