The notion that cancer patients need to exercise and eat right isn’t new–you read about it here every other week or so.

But this news report by a Boston media outlet does a nice job explaining why.

Here’s an excerpt from their report, Study supports importance of diet, exercise for cancer patients:

“It’s always been a thought that weight, physical activity and diet would have an impact on cancer survivorship, but now there’s evidence that actually supports that,” Oncology Nutrition Coordinator Cindy Clark said.  According to the American Cancer Society’s latest guidelines, to reduce risk of recurrence and increase survival rates, cancer patients should maintain a healthy weight, get adequate physical activity and eat a healthy diet.

“Previously, I think a lot of people when they go through treatments, they’ve always been told to take it easy, to rest and this is different. This is no, we don’t want you to be inactive, we actually want you to be cautious about what you’re eating,” Clark said.

New research is backing up the new guidelines. One Canadian study found that breast cancer patients who got at least four hours of moderate exercise each week reduced their risk of death by 34-percent… Their chance of recurrence also decreased, down 24 percent.

“Evidence shows that if you keep active during your treatment, you have overall less fatigue. You can tolerate your treatments better, which means you can get more treatments in. You overall just feel better,” Clark said…

You can read more–or watch video–by going to:

American Cancer Society urges patients to get moving and follow new guidelines-

Nothing is more important than eating well and staying as active as physically possible.  Nothing.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat


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