I’m ready to try meditation. 

In a way, I guess I medetate a lot–especially while I’m walking and swimming.

Here are a few excerpts from a fabulous article, from the Spring issue of Cure Magazine, about why meditation works and how to get started:

Stressed During Cancer Treatment? Try Meditating


Mindfulness meditation can ease stress during treatment.

Elana Rosenbaum turned to mindfulness meditation to reduce treatment-related stress. Photo by Johnny Arguedas.

“If you stop struggling against what you cannot control, you’re more able to find that peace and strength inside of you that allows you to manage and cope with what you’re going through.

—Elana Rosebaum”

…Mindfulness meditation helps to settle the mind during times of emotional turmoil by bringing awareness to a neutral point of focus, oftentimes through breathing techniques, which can stabilize the mind, Bauer-Wu continues. “When you catch yourself feeling agitated, sluggish or confused, you can drop into ‘now’ simply by bringing awareness to an easily accessible point of focus like the breath,” she says. “We don’t try to breathe, it just happens. So any time and any place, the breath can be your anchor.”

This article is surprisingly detailed and informative.  Here’s a link so you can read more:

Staying Grounded in the Present: Meditation – Cure Magazine

Give it a read and then give it a try!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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