I hate to report on stories like this, because I understand how many tea drinking fans their are out there.

And there are many healthy and positive reasons to keep sipping tea in the morning–and throughout the day.

But this news is a bit disturbing:

Heavy tea drinkers have higher prostate cancer risk

GLASGOW, Scotland, June 20 (UPI) — Men who drink several cups of tea a day for decades have a higher risk of prostate cancer, researchers in Scotland say.

Dr. Kashif Shafique of the Institute of Health & Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow and colleagues found those who drank more than seven cups of tea per day for years had a 50 percent higher risk of developing prostate cancer compared with non-tea drinkers or those drinking less than four cups per day…

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Also, here is a more detailed look at the study from Food Navigator.com:

High tea consumption linked to prostate cancer

Consumption of more than seven cups of tea could increase the risk of developing prostate cancer, suggests new research.

I’m not a tea drinker.  I would be, if I wasn’t on blood thinners following a pulmonary embolism I suffered early on after my cancer diagnosis, most likely caused by my chemotherapy.
I guess this is another example of how moderation rules!  Two or three cups a day?  NO PROBLEM!  Just stay away from green tea if you are on warfarin or coumadin.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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