WOW!  Are you ready to read about the nutritional conspiracy theory that tops all other conspiracy theories?

I would like to preface this by noting that I have no skin in this game.  I don’t receive any money from any of the actors or accusers in this drama.

I also don’t really have an opinion one way or another.  Yes, I use organic vegetables when they are easily accessible and reasonably priced.  But if organic celery costs twice as much for one half the celery, I usually by the non-organic.

I carefully rinse my veggies, but I don’t use vinegar or one of those special spray washes to clean them.

Considering I eat ten to twelve servings of veggies a day, I should probably to more.  But that’s not the point here.

I simply want my readers to know that I’m not pushing what I consider to be a pretty wild theory–at least in the sense that I’m not sure that even if some of it is true, that it will hurt me much–or that I can do much about it.

Anyway, raw food diet guru and advocate, Dr. Joseph Mercola, is at it again!  This time accusing Monsanto–makers of Roundup agricultural herbicide –of a worldwide conspiracy to hide proof that it’s product causes cancer and other health problems.

Toss-in accusations of a genetically engineered food cover-up, and you have one big mess!

Click on the headline link below to access pages of evidence and video accusing Monsanto of–well basically ending the world as we know it!

Toss-in accusations of a genetically engineered food cover-up, and you have one big mess!

New Evidence Against These Cancer-Causing Foods – And the Massive Cover-Up Effort

There is so much evidence included in this report that I didn’t want to sensor it.  Come to your own conclusions…

If nothing else, maybe don’t do what I do and stick with the organic choice.

I do know that I’m not overly concerned about the genetically engineered food thing.  But that’s a subject best saved for another long post.

Can’t life ever just be simple?  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat



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