I first wrote about the possibilities of a new, fast track style FDA experimental approval policy two weeks ago:

New FDA breakthrough drug policy may speed patient access to new chemo drugs

It is one thing to hope that new policies like this one become law.  But now YOU have a chance to help make this a FDA reality!

How?  By signing a petition encouraging this long overdue policy change.

This is a very special opportunity for anyone who knows how difficult it is to battle cancer with one or two hands tied behind your back.

Read what a former commissioner of the FDA has to say about a new proposal to fast-track experimental “breakthrough technologies/therapies” for access to patients that need them.  The following was recently written by the former FDA Commissioner Andy von Eschenbach:

“Breakthrough technologies deserve a break in the way the FDA evaluates them. Take regenerative medicine. If a company can grow cells that repair the retina in a lab, patients who’ve been blinded by macular degeneration shouldn’t have to wait years while the FDA asks the company to complete laborious clinical trials proving efficacy. Instead, after proof of concept and safety testing, the product could be approved for marketing with every eligible patient entered in a registry so the company and the FDA can establish efficacy through post-market studies.”

Sounds like a common sense approach to me!

If you agree, go to www.Change.org and read all about it and sign a petition to support new legislation which authorizes the FDA to fast track approval of breakthrough technologies–a majority of which are in cancer research.


I just did!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat


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