A fellow bone marrow cancer/multiple myeloma patient, Danny Parker, has been writing an ongoing series, Diet and Multiple Myeloma, for the past three months.

The thing that makes reading his columns worthwhile–even if you have a different type of cancer–is the detail that Danny uses in making his recommendations.  So many great suggestions about using different antioxidants and other natural foods and supplements to slow cancer.

Here is a link to his most recent two part series:  Diet and Multiple Myeloma:  Healing Herbs – Parsley, Sage, Basil and Holy Basil

Part One

Part Two

If you would like to read previous columns, simply type “Danny Parker” into the grey query bar in the upper right hand side of any page.

Give his material a look-see.  I know I’m eating a lot healthier since I started following Danny’s column.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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