From time to time I like to share my thoughts about new books that we stock in My Cancer Store.  After reading it, I felt that Outsmart Your Cancer – Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work deserved to be critiqued, dissected and recognized.

A classic alternative cancer therapy book, Outsmart Your Cancer, by Tanya Harter Pierce, features lots of intriguing suggestions to help fight cancer that are “off the radar” of most oncologists.

The book is a voluminous 506 pages.  But that’s OK.   I love her long, all-inclusive section Two:  Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments, featuring famous (or infamous) anti-cancer therapies like Hoxsley and Gerson.

Ms. Pierce doesn’t seem to pick favorites.  Instead, she outlines how each controversial therapy works while sprinkling-in a number of personal testimonials.

While much of her content is a bit “out there,” I found a number of the nutritional and lifestyle tips and suggestions that she covers to be quite sound.

BUT–and there always seems to be a “but” whenever I read any alternative cancer therapy book–a few anecdotal stories doesn’t a cancer cure make!

For me, the overwhelming challenge is this:

Are YOU–the cancer patient–going to be willing to gamble by ignoring your oncologist’s suggestions, skipping chemo and/or radiation and trying any one of these therapies early enough along your treatment timeline to have any hope of the alternative therapy you pick making a difference?

If you do decide to try an alternative therapy, which one are you willing to bet your life on?  How do you ever make that decision?

And let’s be honest.  If you wait until after conventional therapy fails, it is probably too late for anything to help, alternative or not.

That’s why I consider complementary medicine to be a safer compromise.

Eating the right foods, taking the right supplements and exercising regularly in order to help keep your body strong enough to fight off the cancer–and the chemo and radiation.

Complimentary medicine also means taking supplements designed to enhance the performance of the medications you take–without risking not taking them at all.

That said, I can highly recommend reading Outsmart Your Cancer.  It is an excellent primer on alternative therapies and supplements.  Who is to say you can’t try one or more of these alternative therapies while still following a more conventional treatment path.

You can purchase the book at a discounted price of $19.95 from My Cancer

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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