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New Way to Predict Prostate Cancer Severity—Size of Prostate

By Anna Azvolinsky, PhD | February 1, 2012

It is still difficult to gauge the probability that a patient with low-risk prostate cancer may be upgraded to a higher prostate cancer stage. Upgrading, using the Gleason score after a biopsy, can occur in anywhere from 30% to 50% of prostate cancer cases. Low-risk disease is generally associated with low prostate-specific antigen (PSA) production and a Gleason score of 6 or lower. The Gleason score is a measure of the severity of the prostate cancer assessed using specimens from the initial biopsy.

Prostate with seminal vesicles and seminal ducts, viewed from in front and above; source: Gray’s Anatomy

Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have now determined that prostate size may be a good way to gauge whether a low-risk prostate cancer will upgrade to more aggressive disease. Smaller prostates were more likely to evolve into more serious, aggressive disease. The finding was published in the Journal of Urology.[1]

Smaller prostates are the tip-off?   You know what I like about this guage–which by the way is only one of many ways to monitor and determine the potential severity of a man’s cancer?

It’s a physical measure.  Sort of doing it the old fashioned way.

CLICK HERE to access the article.  I see so much about breast cancer, I didn’t want the guys to be left-out.

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