With the help of volunteers and our web tech guru, Robb, Help With Cancer.org is back up and running.

It has been a lot of work!  But Pattie and I are confident the changes will help our fellow cancer patients and caregivers find helpful information more quickly.

There are still some technical issues/glitches to overcome.  For example, when Robb moved the site to our new, secure server, articles after July, 2011 wouldn’t come along.

I also discovered that a month or so of our earliest posts are also missing.  Too bad, because it is fun to take a look back and reminisce about how it all began.

Things were more simple then.  Pattie had endured two life-threatening showdowns with cancer.  And I had been diagnosed the year before with bone marrow cancer.

So I am in the process of going back and re-publishing articles I feel are most relevant.  I will start with a few of our very first, short posts about how and why we started this site on September 3rd, 2008.  That’s like the stone age as far as blogs go.  I didn’t even know how to publish pictures!

We will get things cleaned-up and have some fun with this over the next few weeks.  But in the meantime, I hope you will find the new format to be as user friendly as we do!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat


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