Yesterday I ended my post about the big anti-cancer aspirin news this way:

Apparently, researchers expect aspirin to work against most cancers.  But some cancers are easier quantify than others, so the emphasis was on easy-to-track cancers like colon and prostate.

Hope the data holds-up!  I heard an interview with a media medical expert tonight who expects drug companies to try and develop an aspirin substitute.  More about that tomorrow.

So now yesterday is today–so here goes…

Several thoughts cross-my-mind.  The first is that it is too bad a drug company will need to develop a “new improved aspirin product” in order to make further testing viable.  Its a shame.

To be fair, there are risks to using aspirin daily that could be improved upon.  Just hold-on to your checkbook!

Second, we don’t know how much of this is the aspirin, or the fact subjects are getting better medical treatment, eating better, ect.  Further study will be needed to sort some of this out.

Third, why doesn’t aspirin work against blood cancers?  My fellow patients take aspirin to help prevent clots from ongoing chemo maintenance.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they were also receiving a benefit?

And what about coumadin and warfarin?  Is there any benefit there?

Bottom line:  If a baby aspirin can really help, get the OK for your doctor and start right away!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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