As promised, here is our first HWC post from way back in September, 2008:

Hello Cancer Patients, Family and Friends!

Help with Cancer. org was started help cancer patients and survivors live longer and better lives. We will be posting helpful articles every day to help simplify and clarify cancer related research and treatment options.

You can use the links on this site to go directly to helpful information sources relating to your specific type of cancer. We will be adding more links often.

You will also be able to order books about cancer directly through our My Cancer Store. We will only sell books that have been recommended and reviewed by other cancer patients and survivors.

Prices of these books will be discounted as much as possible to help you save as you learn.  Remember that Information is Power, especially when dealing with cancer!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat and Pattie

Wow!  That feels like a long, long time ago!  At first I was discouraged that so many posts lost links and did not translate to the new format well.  But now I’m thinking it is going to be fascinating to go back and remember how I felt and what I was doing as I continued with my cancer journey…

Pattie doesn’t help as much with the site these days–a full time job will have that affect!  But I am more than willing pass-along the most helpful information about cancer nutrition, supplements and the latest treatment break-troughs.

Glad to help anyway I/we can!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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