A good friend of mine and fellow cancer survivor, David Emerson, produces an excellent monthly cancer newsletter.

This month’s topic focuses on the mind/body connection and cancer.  Click-on the headline link below to access David’s newsletter:

What Is The Mind-Body Connection When It Comes to Cancer?

On a similar topic, I posted an article about options for cancer patients who are dealing with depression on my myeloma blog Monday:

Many multiple myeloma patients face depression

There is no question that our minds offer a powerful option when dealing with life-threatening challenges like cancer.  Learning how to use this reservoir of untapped strength and healing power can be a life changing opportunity.

It isn’t easy.

I wish I could share some magic code which would help all of us find peace with our mortality–and help unlock the self-healing powers we all have buried deep inside.

I can’t.  But you can.  But it isn’t an exact science–and it may take a while.  Better get started!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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