I was listening to an interview on public radio the other day, featuring a physician from the University of Minnesota Medical School–I should have jotted his name down at the time.

Anyway, apparently he is one of the national board members who recently made the decision to recommend dropping PSA testing for prostate cancer for men using Medicare.

There has been lots said and written about his recommendation since.  Here is a good place to start–a general primer I found on CBS news.com. Click-on the headline link below and watch the video, and/or read the attached report and see what you think:

Common prostate cancer test seen as unreliable

Here are a few key points made in the story:

  • For every 100 men, 16 will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime but only three will die from it.
  • Studies have shown you need to test a lot of men and do a lot of biopsies to save one life.
  • In one study, 1,410 men needed to get PSA screening to find 48 cancers and save one life over nine years.

This is a very controversial issue.  I can argue both sides.  I will try and pass-along more news and views on the subject of prostate cancer screening as time goes on.

Want to read more?  Go to Cancer News.US.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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