Even though I am more than happily married, I have wondered about this from time to time…

Dating After Cancer

I mean, when do you tell your date about your cancer?  While you are waiting for your salads?  While you enjoy an after dinner drink?  Read the article by clicking HERE.

This CureToday.com article is quite good.  But it doesn’t address an even more difficult situation:  Like me, what happens when you have an incurable form of cancer?  Are there a different set of rules for that?  I’m not sure why this topic has always fascinated me.  Maybe it is the laser focus impossible situations like this bring to bare on a person.  I’m guessing it won’t take long to learn if your date is sincere.  Also bet there aren’t a lot of second dates!

Hey–at least your date will feel guilty and pick-up the check!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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