My wife was administered Taxol when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer almost ten years ago.  IT WORKED!  So this story is upsetting:

Chemo Drug Taxol Shortage Puts Cancer Patients at Risk

A shortage of Taxol, an intravenous chemotherapy workhorse for ovarian, breast, lung and colon cancers, demonstrates once again how vulnerable U.S. hospitals and clinics are to an increasingly unreliable pharmaceutical supply chain, leaving patients at risk…

CLICK HERE to read the this surprisingly lengthy and informative article.

Of course any potentially life-saving drug shortage is serious.  But try this:  Why are they still using Taxol, decades after it was first introduced?  Shouldn’t there be a boat-load of new, better anti-cancer drugs on the market by now?  Disheartening to say the least…

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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