I saved this article from last month’s CancerCompass.com to share with you.  I felt it was worth a look for anyone concerned about the risks of treating their cancer with radiation:

Benefits of Radiation Therapy Outweigh Risks of a Second Cancer: Study
TUESDAY, March 29 (HealthDay News) — The odds a second cancer will develop after radiation treatment for a first cancer are relatively low, U.S. National Cancer Institute researchers report.

In a long-term study of more than 600,000 cancer survivors, an estimated 8 percent of second cancers were attributable to radiation treatment for the original cancer, according to the study.

The results suggest that other factors, such as lifestyle risks and genetics, cause the majority of second cancers, the researchers say.

“The findings can be used by physicians to really put the risks into perspective when they are talking treatment options with their patients,” said lead researcher Amy Berrington de Gonzalez, an investigator in the NCI’s radiation epidemiology branch.

Patients should feel reassured, she added. “In general, the risks [of radiation therapy] are smaller than the benefits,” she said.

Reassuring to someone like me who has just completed radiation therapy.  You can read more by going to:
Radiation is relatively safe with regard to the issue of second cancers.

Feel good, keep smiling and make sure you let your physician know if you start glowing in the dark!

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