Yesterday’s post featured natural medicine expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola, warning us about using the sugar substitute, Slenda.

Today I want to share a link to another Mercola expose’ about using natural medicine and nutrition to fight cancer.

Dr. Mercola made a name for himself a decade ago as an advocate of the raw diet.  Although his message is sometimes weakened by attempts to sell nutritional products on his Website, I still enjoy reading his material.

Dr. Mercola is definitely a maverick.  I think of him as the nutritional equivalent to Ralph Nader in politics:  A bit “out there,” but unafraid to point-out flaws and fraud in the system. 

Dr. Mercola is a medical “watch dog.”  He shares some important points with his readers.  Too bad the impact of his message sometimes gets lost as he tries to sell us his latest potion or nutritional supplement. 

Hey, everyone needs to make a living!  He just loses some credibility with me when he mixes commerce with news copy.

That said, I found the following interview fascinating:

The Cancer Treatment So Successful – Traditional Doctors SHUT it Down
Posted By Dr. Mercola – April 23 2011

Read it and/or watch the video and see what you think.

Is there truth to this story?  I do know a fellow multiple myeloma patient/researcher at Purdue University who can’t get his myeloma related papers published–and I’m not sure why.

More about all of this tomorrow.  Feel good and keep smiling- Pat

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