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The ‘Other’ Sweetener That’s Made from Sugar, but is Closer to DDT
Posted By Dr. Mercola – April 26 2011
Splenda Artificial Sweetener
Researchers recently investigated sucralose (Splenda) to see if it could reduce hunger and keep blood sugar steady. They found that it could not.

The researchers hoped to find that sucralose could cause the intestine to produce a hormone that reduces blood sugar and decreases appetite, which prior study had indicated might be a possibility. But the effect did not occur when it was ingested orally — hunger remained the same and the blood sugar remained the same.

According to FYI Living:

“Worse, other research has shown that artificial sweeteners might contribute to weight gain … [when the] sweet taste is not accompanied by the calories (energy) our brain expects it to be, the complex systems our bodies have to regulate energy balance may be thrown off kilter. The result is that a diet high in artificial sweeteners may possibly, over time, cause people to seek out more calories from other sources”.

Read Dr. Mercola’s comments by going to:  Splenda:  Nutritional Bad News.
Bummer.  I always take Dr. Mercola’s comments with a grain of salt (or sugar!), but this seems credible.  Pattie and I switched to Truvia last year.  Hope that’s safer!
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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