Now that’s a lot of broccoli…Mounds of fresh broccoli are on display in the produce section of an Arlington, Va., grocery, March 20, 2009. (AP / J. Scott Applewhite)
Broccoli every day may keep cancer away, study says…
Andrea Janus, CTV News – March 20th, 2011

Your mother may have been on to something all those years she forced you to eat Brussels sprouts. The much-maligned vegetable, as well as broccoli, cabbage and soy beans, forms the basis for a new kind of diet that may actually prevent cancer and other age-related diseases by impacting how your genes behave.

Research out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham serves as the foundation for the “epigenetic diet.” Experts believe the diet can ward off illness by suppressing changes in how genes express themselves that, over time, can cause disease.

Environmental factors, such as what food we eat, are known to affect the epigenome, the cellular material outside the genome that dictates how genes express themselves. While it cannot change a person’s DNA, the epigenome can cause genes to express themselves wholly, or only in part, or not at all.

Now, researchers at the UAB have discovered that compounds in certain foods can prevent cancer and other diseases by suppressing those changes in gene expression that lead to illness.

“Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables, and she was right,” said study co-author Trygve Tollefsbol, a biology professor at the UAB. “But now we better understand why she was right — compounds in many of these foods suppress gene aberrations that over time cause fatal diseases.”

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I eat at least on serving of broccoli a day.  I should eat more raw–I usually lightly steam and serve hot.  But I have cancer–and its back–so who knows if it helps or not.  Can’t hurt!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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  1. There are a dozen reasons to eat more broccoli, along with other vegetables. Helping prevent or slow the growth of a number of different cancers is only one of them. So assume it works and eat-up! Pat

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