According to a vast majority of experts, radiation exposure risks are very low for those of us living in the United States–including Hawaii.

Still, lots of questions surround the tragic situation. Here is a brief run-down of different ways radiation exposure can cause cancer:

* Exposure to radioactive iodine may cause thyroid cancer. Taking iodine as a prophylactic can “help fill-up the thyroid, keeping the radioactive iodine out.” according to USA Today science writers and John Hopkins.
* Plutonium-241 can cause bone or liver cancer
* Cesium-137 is water soluble, and can affect groundwater, resulting in a higher risk for bone cancer and leukemia.
* Strontium-90 has also been known to cause leukemia.

Try not to freak-out! Chances are–if you are reading this–you are already exposed to a lot more radiation through cancer diagnostics and exposure to the sun than you will ever experience from Japan’s nuclear fallout.

Guess we’ve got that going for us…Time to head-out to get my hip radiated–am I glowing in the dark yet?

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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