What is sugar’s role in cancer development?

By Amber Isley with the Mayo Clinic

What is sugar's role in cancer development?
Q I’ve read various studies that suggest sugar can cause cancer. I was diagnosed with cancer two months ago, and a dietitian advised me to avoid sugar. Is there a connection between sugar and cancer?

A This question doesn’t have a clear “yes” or “no” answer. Sugar alone doesn’t cause cancer. Eating too much sugar, though, can lead to other conditions associated with an increased risk of cancer. If you’re trying to reduce your cancer risk, the best strategy is to make healthy lifestyle choices, including limiting sugar consumption.

A common concern of patients is that sugar causes cancer or causes cancer to grow faster. Various studies have looked at this question. The results have found a loose association between elevated blood sugar (glucose) and cancer. But these findings don’t mean that sugar causes cancer. It’s not that straightforward…
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