This article, written by a physician named Peter Bach, is so good I don’t even know where to start…

Here is a brief excerpt from the New York Times article, which ran March 15th:

The Blind Luck of Cancer Trials

Scientists call our progress in cancer treatment a gradual accretion of knowledge, but put in regular English it is a slow, grueling slog guided by a poorly functioning compass. Most randomized trials like the one Ruth joined don’t even ask particularly novel questions, and their findings are not breakthroughs worthy of newspaper headlines.

The studies tweak what we do as doctors, sometimes finding a little more benefit achieved with a little less harm. More often than not, they just find out that the new approach did not work out.

Of course this reality — this arduous slog — doesn’t match how cancer research is presented to the public, which sees flashy headlines using words like “breakthrough” and “new hope.”

THIS IS A MUST READ!  Here is a link to the story.

Special thanks to reader Audrey Joyce for passing this story along for me to share.
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