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Today, Krista Peterson has written an article about mesothelioma. She is a 22 year old student, living in Orlando FL, working on getting her bachelors at the University of Central Florida. Krista aspires to be a writer and tells me she is passionate about the health and wellness of our community. Apparently she has had many family members diagnosed with different kinds of cancers and various other issues which encouraged her to become a health and safety advocate.

Here is Krista’s article:

As women, we try hard to take care of our families and homes. We manage the kids, the pets, the car, and the job. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we’re often too exhausted.

I’ve had days when the need for rest and relaxation has trumped my desire to be healthy. Unfortunately, even a nap can be a health risk, especially if your home contains a silent killer like asbestos.

What is asbestos?
Older homes, like the one I live in now, were built using asbestos, a fire-resistant mineral used in dry wall and insulation. When inhaled, the asbestos fibers can cause a deadly lung cancer. Mesothelioma treatments are subtle and include shortness of breath and heaviness in the chest area. Because of a 20-50 year latency period, the cancer is often misdiagnosed and caught too late and mesothelioma life expectancy can be extremely short.

I’d love to share some tips for preventing mesothelioma and some tips for coping with it. Of course, prevention is the best way to deal with mesothelioma and generally can be accomplished through sharing information on asbestos and removal procedures. If you’ve already been exposed to asbestos and diagnosed with the illness, mesothelioma treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, can also be supplemented by simple, stress free alternatives.

What should you do if you suspect asbestos exposure?
* Do not handle it (you can’t fix this one on your own)
* Keep your children far from the infected area
* Contact a licensed and trained asbestos abatement contractor
* Consider seeing a doctor; ask about getting screened

What alternative treatments are out there?

Vitamin C
Good for colds and other common ailments, Vitamin C may help to prevent cancer form metastasizing. Vitamin C is essential for increasing the immune systems’ effectiveness and for creating collagen. Collagen is a protein that supports and connects tendons and ligaments. It also strengthens bones, and muscles, and blood vessels.

Laughter strengthens the immune system and results in an increase in natural killer cells and antibodies. A stronger immune system can help to battle chronic illnesses like mesothelioma by preventing cancer cells from metastasizing.

Laughter also triggers the release of endorphins, hormones that act as natural painkillers in the brain. Endorphins, also known to be released by eating chocolate, can leave patients with a general sense of well-being.

Along with advice from your doctor, mesothelioma is both treatable and preventable. With the stresses of life creeping in at every opportunity, I know it can be hard to stay on top of a healthy lifestyle. But keeping household hazards like asbestos in mind can lead to a longer life–and hopefully time for some serious napping down the road.

Thanks, Krista!  When I asked her “Why mesothelioma?” Krista replied by email:

I think the interest in meso comes from the confusion of the disease. Its caused by asbestos exposure and yet asbestos still remains all around us. AOL recently reported that it has been found in Zonolite which is an insulation used in many peoples homes. Also, It takes many years for symptoms to develop so someone may already have it and not even know. I just feel that spreading awareness of this issue is important which is why I felt that an article on the topic would help provide some useful information to your readers that they are unaware of. Thanks again for the opportunity to post on your blog! I really appreciate it and look forward to seeing it!!
Pattie and I wish Krista the best as she prepares to enter the difficult job market.  Caring for others and a passion for writing should make it easier for her to find a job after she graduates.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat & Pattie

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