Anything which can help cancer patients make better choices is a good thing, right? 

A color code for better eating
By Denise Linke For The Beacon-News Feb 1, 2011

Shoppers at west suburban Jewel-Osco stores might have noticed new, colorful tags on some products in the grocery aisles and produce department in recent weeks.

They might even have wondered why Jewel is bothering to mark some foods as “high fiber” or “Vitamin K” instead of letting the manufacturer plaster that information on the package.

Used properly, those colorful tags can help shoppers make healthier food choices even when they don’t have time to read nutrition labels, let alone compare brands.

“We still encourage people to read labels, because they provide a complete snapshot of a food’s nutritional value,” said dietitian Kim Kirchherr, who designed Jewel’s new “nutrition iQ” program along with the Joslin Clinic at Harvard Medical School. “But we know our customers are looking for more healthy foods, and this is a quick and easy way for them to make better food choices in the store.”

Read “all about it” by going to:  Chicago Sun Times Nutritional News. Like the green and gold “color coding” I’ve used?  GO PACKERS!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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