Here is a short article we found on about a promising new, experimental skin cancer drug:

Health Buzz: New Drug Shows Promise Against Skin Cancer
By Angela Haupt – January 20, 2011

For those with the deadliest form of skin cancer, there’s a new drug on the horizon—one that shows promise in slowing tumor growth and helping patients live longer.

In a trial of more than 600 patients with metastatic melanoma, those taking Swiss drugmaker Roche’s RG7204, an experimental pill that attacks a gene mutation found in about half of melanoma patients, lived longer than those given dacarbazine, the standard treatment. Their disease also advanced more slowly, Roche announced Wednesday. RG7204 works by blocking a faulty protein produced in cancer cells, while leaving functioning proteins in noncancerous cells intact.

Side effects, however, include rash, sensitivity to light, joint pain, hair loss, and fatigue, The Wall Street Journal reports. Plans to bring the drug to market will begin after the study results are presented at a conference later this year.

Full study results have not been published, and the company has not disclosed how much longer patients taking the drug live.

We hope it works!  Here is a link to another article about RG7204 on CancerNews.US.
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