I recieved this e-mail yesterday from Carly, my new friend and co-founder of the Camp Kesem program here in Florida:

The story looks GREAT! Thanks so much for posting something on Camp Kesem. This will really help spread the word to a much wider audience. The only distinction I would make is that the camp itself is called Camp Kesem everywhere. However, Camp Kesem doesn’t have its own camp grounds in any of the regions we host camp, so we use other campsites as hosting grounds. Camp Mah Kah Wee in Orlando is the one we will use this year, but in the past we have hosted at other places…

Thanks again for posting such a positive, encouraging plug for our camp!
Warmly, Carly

You bet, Carly!  There are lots of programs for kids with cancer.  But I love the fact this program is for kids with one or more parents with cancer.  I can only imagine how lonely and left-out these children must feel when faced with their parent’s mortality.  Why shouldn’t these kids get some extra attention and get to do something special with others who feel the same way?

Visit the Camp Kesem Website to find a camp near you.
Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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