Saturday I wrote an article about a new, ambitious Website:  New Cancer Website Hopes To Coordinate Info Between Oncologists, Researchers & Patients.

I gave the site mixed reviews so far.  A blood cancer site, Working With, picked-up the story and did a nice job expanding on it–including video of founder Marty Tenenbaum promoting his concept on MSNBC.

I saw this interview live.  It inspired me to write the story.  I got a “kick” out of Mr. Tenenbaum describing ASCO in Chicago, an oncology convention I covered as a reporter for The Myeloma Beacon last year.

He made a good point.  There is no way for a general, medical oncologist to keep up with all of the clinical studies and advances in cancer therapy.  Just attending one, massive, five day conference isn’t enough.

That’s why Mr. Tenenbaum started his data sharing site–to link everyone together–so the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.

Working With founder, David Withem, e-mailed me this today:

Hi Pat! You at all interested in maybe taking this one (or more) steps further? I think the idea just might be bigger than either one of us but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

Wow, David–that’s a big job!  Hopefully Cancer Commons can make some headway linking researchers, oncologists and patients together.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

2 thoughts on “More About Data Sharing & Linking Researchers, Oncologists & Patients Together

  1. Interesting. is there much on childhood leukemia? There seems to be a lot less research out there for the children. My son is doing well but the treatment it brutal. He has about a year to go.

  2. Unfortunately, you are correct. I asked a friend at a large pharma company about this a while back. She referred me to a childhood cancer expert in Boston. I actually met this doctor/researcher who specializes in childhood leukemia. The problem: Too few cases to generate enough "buzz," even with kids involved- Pat

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