An investment research site,, ran this article January 12th:

BioMarin Studies Cure for Cancer

Recently, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. announced the initiation of an early-stage study of its cancer candidate BMN 673. BMN 673, administered orally once a day, is being developed for treating patients suffering from genetically-defined cancers.

The study will evaluate approximately 70 patients (aged above 18 years) suffering from advanced or recurrent solid tumors. The primary goal of the open-label study is to find the maximum tolerated dose of the candidate. The secondary goals of the study include evaluating the safety, preliminary effectiveness and the tolerability of BMN 673 among other factors.

The management at BioMarin is highly optimistic about the prospects of the candidate which has displayed greater potency, selectivity, and bioavailability compared to other candidates in pre-clinical studies. The company intends to use the early stage study to specifically identify the types of cancer that can be treated by BMN 673.

BioMarin isn’t anywhere close to proving BMN 673 works–the company can’t even identify which type of cancer will respond best–if at all.  But a guy can dream, right?

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