I had lunch today with a good friend of mine, Richard Blustein, and his daughter, Carly.  We met to discuss next week’s cancer support group meeting.   Carly, a graduate student at Boston College, got to spend an entire afternoon listening to two old guys talk about cancer–a young co-ed’s dream!

Kidding aside, Carly did get a chance to tell me about a wonderful volunteer project she is working on called Camp Mah Kah Wee.

Camp Mah Kah Wee is a Florida based camping opportunity for young sons and daughters with one or more parents with cancer.  This year’s camp will be held August 7th-12th in the Orlando area.  There is no charge for kids who qualify.

Camp Mah Kah Wee is part of a national program called Camp Kesem.  22 states currently host groups of campers, ages 6-13 for a fun week away from home.  Programs are run completely by volunteer university students. Here is a link to their Website.

So if you live in Florida, Wisconsin, California or one of the other states currently hosting campers, consider enrolling your kids for this summer.  Several of the states have waiting lists.  But Florida and most of the other states still have openings. 

As a former school counselor, I can only imagine how worthwhile it can be for children to meet others who have a shared experience of cancer in their families.  Plus, Carly assures me the kids really have fun!  Did I mention attendance is FREE? 

I am always surprised how many busy people can still find time to help others in need during such tough economic times.  You should be very proud of your daughter, Richard!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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